14. the Thorsberg Trousers pattern sheet in Letter. PS014


The Thorsberg Trousers

There is only found one pair of trousers/pants from the Vikings. It is in Hedeby and it is very baggy trousers in fine tabby wool. They are dyed green at the front and red at the back. The length is unknown, but the crotch is the same as the earlier Thorsberg trousers from ap 400 AD. Just that the legs are very baggy.
In Skjoldehamn in the north of Norway there is also found a pair of trousers. These are dated to 1100 AD, – from the end of the viking age. And they have the same construction as Thorsberg. So that construction has been used all through the viking time.
Depictions on wood carving on rune stones, on jewelry and on The Oseberg Tapestry show several different trousers. Sone short, some long and some narrow, some very wide.

In this Pattern sheet I do the Thorsberg pants with a lining that are a little simpler.


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