About me

Nille Glæsel. Photo, Espen Winther Photography

Who am I? 

Hmm. I’m Nille Glæsel, born on Bornholm, Denmark, in 1961.
I moved to the beautiful Lofoten islands, Norway, in 1995, and have since moved slightly more south to the mountains i Valdres.

Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated by the visual. Fascinated of small wonders in the nature and the colours and harmony there.
Visual excitement is a source I drink from every day!

I’m not a complete tool-freak. However, I’m fascinated of what you can do with a few simple tools.

Moreover, I care for Mother Earth and therefore I’m attracted to good, natural materials like wool, linen, hemp and leather. Like my ancestors I use the materials with a respect and gratitude.

Regarding my education: I‘m an educated teacher in textile craft and have additionally received some points in the archaeology department. Right now I am studying Graphic Design – with the purpose being that I wish to give you better books and online workshops .

In the past I was a knitwear designer, but since arriving in Lofoten I have solely been working with my foremothers’ textile crafts – full time. I make clothes and shoes, give lectures, hold workshops, do textile communication, write books etc..

Overall, experimental archaeology is an important part of my daily work flow.